What we do is simple. Why we do it makes us different.

At S1, we are passionate about helping our clients accomplish their goals. We aim to add value to each project we undertake. Our facility offers a clean and comfortable recording space equipped with all the gear and tools you will need to make a great sounding record. With our team of professionals and over a decade of knowledge and industry experience, you are sure to be provided with superior quality and outstanding service each step of the way. Schedule a tour of our downtown Fullerton recording studio in Orange County, CA and learn more about what our team can do for you.

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Named the Best Recording Studio in Orange County.


Artist Recording

For those artists looking to record in our beautiful studio space. We offer hourly studio time with an experienced engineer.

Band Recording

For those bands looking to record in our multi-room space. We offer hourly studio time with an experienced engineer.

VoiceOver Recording

For those agencies and companies looking to record their talent. We offer hourly studio time with an experienced engineer.

Podcast Recording

For those brands looking to record a monthly or weekly podcast. We offer studio time with an experienced engineer.

Recording Engineer in Orange County

Our Engineers

Our engineers are seasoned professionals proficient in Pro Tools and audio recording, knowing what it takes to help you achieve the highest level of performance, even if you're new to the recording studio.

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Full Production

For those looking to have their song(s) produced with our production team. We offer a music producer, 10 hrs of studio time, 4 pro musicians, mixing & mastering.

Lite Production

For those looking to have their song(s) produced with our production team. We offer a music producer, 7 hrs of studio time, 2 pro musicians, mixing & mastering.


For those singer-songwriters looking to have their song(s) arranged by one of our in house music producers. We offer hourly or per song arrangement options.

Custom Songwriting

For those singers looking to have a custom song written for them to either perform live or record in studio. We offer many different songwriters as well as co-writers.

Music Production in Orange County

Our Producers

Our music producers can assist you in the selection and arrangement of your songs, hire professional musicians, coach you through your performance, and supervise the entire production process. Schedule a production meeting at our recording studio in Orange County or give us a call to discuss your project.

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Mixing & Mastering

Full Mixing

For those artists or producers looking to have their song(s) mixed and/or mastered with 16+ tracks per session without attending the mix session.

Lite Mixing

For those artists or producers looking to have their song(s) mixed and/or mastered with 15 or less tracks per session without attending the mix session.


For those artists or producers looking to have their song(s) mastered by our engineers without attending the mastering session.

Mix/Master Session

For those artists or producers looking to have their song(s) mixed and/or mastered in the studio session will be attending the mix/master session.

Mixing & Mastering in Orange County

Mixing Pros

Our professional mixing engineers provide masterful attention to every detail creatively bringing all the tracks to life. From evaluation, organization, mixing, editing, processing, and adding those special effects, you are sure to get the radio-ready mix your song deserves. We also offer online mixing for those who do not wish to attend the session.

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Management Services


We offer managed services for those looking to streamline their initiative and better manage their performance, projects and business.


We offer online and print marketing services for artists, brands, and professionals who are looking to build their exposure and gain new fans.


We offer assistance in management and marketing strategy for artists, brands, and professional looking to grow and reach new platforms.

S1 management graph

Our Management Focus

Knowing the direction in which you are heading is half the battle in growing a successful brand. We believe that with the right strategy anything can be achieved if coupled with the right execution. This is why with each management project we undertake, our mission is to fully map out an achievable path for our clients and then couple that strategy with the right design and marketing efforts for their specific needs.

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S1 exceeded all my expectations. The team of producers and musicians really helped transform my music to a whole different level. They know what they're doing.

Tini Grey Artist

Felt very warm and welcomed. They helped me give my best to my music. I will definitely be going back for future project. I highly recommend S1! Great space and great work!

Francis Cabildo Artist

S1 was an excellent space for my recording session and their team did a great job. Corey displayed amazing musicianship in mixing our single and I tip my hat to him and his great team. I HIGHLY recommend S1 studios!

Russell Leach Artist

S1 made my single really stand out! They went above and beyond to make sure I could produce the best quality, and they had a great attitude all along the way. I would highly recommend to anyone!

Autumn Kramer Artist

Some Past Clients

Sony BMG
Warner Music
Warner Bros
Food Network
Discovery Channel
Cielo Music Group
Asia Ent
aLanguage Bank
Emerge Partners
All Media
Westar Media Group
Palmieri Media Group
Rukkus Media Group
Reprise Media West
Wildfire Marketing Group
Aurora Records
Line 6
Pumptop TV
Shoooters Inc
Harper Collins

Savannah Music
Sherman Productions
Ayn Rand Institute
Taylor Guitars
Deusenberg Guitars
CRW Radio
Unibet Group
Chuck D “Public Enemy”
Goldie Loc
40 Glocc
Killah Priest
J. Bre
Common Kings
Jr King
Dru James
Jonny Manfre “The Unit”
Tini Grey
Riley & The Roxies
Teron Brooks
Jeff Askew
Patricia Shanks
Leonard Peikoff
Yaron Brook
Michael Palmieri
Viennie V
Ella London
Dean Erick
AJ Degrasse
David Edwards
Chris Cron
Maria Montazami
Robert Irvine

Worship Leader Magazine
Crossroads Church
Crossline Community Church
EV Free Fullerton
Evergreen Baptist Church
Christian Assembaly
Lake Avenue Church
Fellowship Church Monrovia
Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa
Calvary Chapel Golden Springs
Calvary Chapel Chino Valley
Calvary Chapel Murrieta
Faith Community Church
Moment Church
Emanuel Romanian Church
Irvine Hallelujah Church
Baseline Community Church
Blessed Intl Church
Mercy Church
Center Point Church
Biola University
University of Miami
Tommy Walker
Eighth Day
The Kry
Scott Cunningham
Paul Stevens
The House
I Am Citizen
Keri Fox
Caleb Clements

Justin Christian
Jeremy Rose
Justis Kao
Jacob Park
Aaron Hofman
Jeremiah Mullens
James Rensink
David Gaulton
Andrew Steven
Kala Balch
David Loucks
Calin Veres
Linda McCrary
AJ Ogden
Matt Ross
Katie Stump
Amanda Lamb
Christie Chong
Mike Mun
Brian Summers
Derek Rice
Jackie Dyles
Ruth Barrett
Peter Nuemann
Jack Withers
Phil Sillas
Brian E
Joe Spence
Jared Rich
Trever Hoehne
Scott Reed
Luke Page
Kip Fox
Evan Wickham

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Our Leadership Team

Corey Gonzalez Professional Mixing Engineer Corey Gonzalez Director +

Corey oversees the leadership of S1 and it affiliates as well as provides management and mixing services for various S1 projects.

Tim Kearns Professional Recording Engineer Tim Kearns Studio Manager +

Tim oversees all studio clients, sessions, engineers and day to day operations. Tim also produces and records many projects at S1.

Daniel Viramontes Professional Music Producer Daniel Viramontes Production Manager +

Daniel oversees all production and visual media as well as hiring of professional musicians and creative designers for S1 projects.

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