Artist Development

Are you an artist or songwriter ready to develop and launch a professional music industry promotional package? S1 Studios can help you design a comprehensive roadmap that will take your music to the next level.

Seasoned studio director, Corey Gonzalez has mentored new talent for over 14 years. Industry music producer, music director, professional musician, commercial music songwriter, recording studio owner and business consultant, Corey created "Artist Development Plan" (APA), for those in need of a comprehensive music promotional kit. And in doing so, he has created an unparalleled music experience and product for the artists, bands and commercial clients he assists.

Under the creative umbrella of Orange County’s full-service recording facility, S1 Studios, Corey and his in-house/out-sourced staff, offer custom-tailored service through APA, so that each client receives specific service for their specific needs.

This is not a record label. Instead, it serves as a launching pad for talented musicians. When meeting with labels we know it’s vital that you have something professional in hand that clearly and thoroughly displays two things: who you are and what you do.

In this innovative program, you and an APA coach will work through the “Development Workbook”, establishing the vision and goals you have for your music as well as designing the budget and timeline of your development. During the sessions you will clearly define your mission, image, sound, target audience, and story. Once your music package is developed we will be able to focus on marketing to your audience, and promoting you to your network of fans.

Artist Coaching in Orange County, Ca | S1 Studios

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Artist Development in Orange County, Ca | S1 Studios

Design & Promotion

To further help artists with their promotion and marketing we have developed a team of creative designers and promotion professionals to come alongside you and help establish your product. We will work with you to create a look and feel that’s complimentary to your overall music package, ensuring that there is a common thread between your music, image and presentation.

Once all the pieces are put in place, we will help you in forming your marketing and promotion channels used to distribute your music, build relationships with your audience, and grow your influence in the market.

We look forward to turning your dreams into a reality.

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