Ian Layman

Ian Layman Recording Engineer, S1 Studios

From the early stages childhood and well into his adult life, Ian Layman has been actively engaged in music and audio production. As a self-taught pianist by the age of 10 and computer music programmer by 14, he quickly discovered his passion for sound creation. In 2003, Ian joined the U.S. Navy, continuing a family tradition and securing a foundation for success. Upon completing his 4 year tour, he proceeded earn a degree from The Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences. Since then he has worked as an audio editor for Audible, Harper Collins and Penguin. He has proven to be an asset to S1 team and the corporate audio world alike.

Current Projects & Updates

Ian is currently in audiobook projects with Audible, Harper Collins, and Penguin Publishing. He is also producing tracks for some local upcoming artists at S1.

"Can you imagine what I would do if I could do all I can?"
~Sun Tzu

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Professional Services

Here are a few ways Ian can help with your next project...


By taking careful consideration for the needs of both the listener and the vocal talent, Ian offers an unprecedented level of quality in his recording sessions. Though his main emphasis is on audiobooks and podcasts, he is continually learning and challenging himself with new types of projects.

Audio Editing

With an extensive background in Pro Tools and a keen ear for detecting artifacts, Ian has proven to be a viable asset in editing dialog. His knowledge of linguistics, pronunciation, speech, and noise reduction methods enable him to smoothen out any rough edges within your project.